What we do

Our Strengths

What distinguishes us is our proprietary knowledge of communications, media and public relations, and our affinity with people and culture. This is the key to our proven abilities in forging lasting connections between our clients and their people. 

RAI brings a lot to the table – We are communication-strong, we subscribe to the C4D ethos, we’re a multi-disciplinary team, our network of associates is regional with diverse specialisms including Climate Change and the Environment, Health, Business, Economics, Trade, Multimedia and Information Communication Technology. We are specialists, we are innovative and we are known to bring an ‘extra mile’ ethic to every scope.

We enjoy what we do and are known for exceeding our client expectations. We insist on a partnership with clients to understand their needs and anticipate their desires, hence our mantra ‘perspective in partnership.’



Right Angle Imaging (RAI) is a full-service Strategic Communication and Marketing Support Agency doing business for ourselves and our clients since 1999.

RAI has become a reputable name in the provision of strategic communication, research, media and social marketing services.

We serve a diverse clientele in Eastern Caribbean comprising public, private sector and not-for-profit agencies.  We also collaborate with an impressive network of reputable associates throughout the Caribbean to sustain quality, integrity and credibility for both ourselves and our clients. Our relationships with regional media serves to enhance the media outreach of our clients.