Design, Customisation & Facilitation

​Communication is our core strength and we are imminently qualified to help executives,  departments and customer-facing team members live the brand every day. RAI can empower your executives to make the right first impression and sales personnel to leave one that is lasting. We understand that social marketers are not always adequately resourced to contract out their communication planning.

We have helped an extensive list of clients with capacity building, through the delivery of refresher training in Communication Planning for Social Marketers, Customer Service,  Report Writing, Team Building/ Group Dynamics, Media Relations, Social Skills & Networking, and Public Speaking.

Click to view our Training Kit.  Ask about any of these workshops for your team, or send us some specs and we will customize training for your organisation. ​

With a professional background, years of experience and certification in mass communication and  media, an inherent gift in the area communication and a passion for developmental communications, RAI's CEO continues to prove her value as a resource for building stronger teams, helping team leaders exemplify customer relations from the inside out, helping reporters to tell  meaningful stories by leveraging the human interest, empowering Non-PR executives to own and live the brand everyday and helping front line team members to find their voice as brand ambassadors. We customise training programmes according to your needs and priorities. Put us to work for you.